Hypedog Presents: 50 Best Beat Tapes 2010

You should already know that we at hypedog.co.uk are all about pushing dope producers and illstrumentals. We felt it was only right to pay homage to some of our favourite beat tapes and compile a '50 Best Of' list for anyone who may have been sleeping in 2010. You really should check every one of these links. In no particular order, here is our 50 Best Beat Tapes of 2010:

Munoz - Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secret http://goo.gl/MFHsW

Strong Arm Steady - In Search Of Stoney Jackson (Instrumentals) http://goo.gl/JxA5L

Freddie Joachim - Midway http://goo.gl/pJOsq

Paul White & The Purple Brain http://goo.gl/HuJam

The Roots – Dilla Joints http://bit.ly/aof9tJ

Elaquent - Persona http://bit.ly/9q5Xpv

La Melodia - Vibing High Instrumentals http://bit.ly/bP6HOw

Robert Glasper Beat Tape http://goo.gl/0MA2T

Danny Brown – The Hybrid (Instrumentals) http://bit.ly/aFa1XL

Apollo Brown - The Reset (Instrumentals) http://goo.gl/YRJN0

Full Crate X FS Green: Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 5 – Eggs And Pancakes http://goo.gl/Gytu9

Behind Closed Doors Vol.2 - The Exclusive BCD Beat CD http://goo.gl/T6GVJ

Jon Phonics - Jonathan's Beats & Pieces http://goo.gl/JTxIc

AFTA 1 - FORM http://goo.gl/afjSG

Eric Lau - Makin' Sound Instrumental LP http://goo.gl/qdVgB

LuigiBo X Hypedog - The New School 2010 Beat Tape http://goo.gl/ifE3x

KnXwledge - SKR∆WBERRiES​.​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​.​3 http://goo.gl/gM51h

Ohbliv - EZ Widas http://goo.gl/n9PNH

B.Lewis - Mercury Backburner http://goo.gl/B5gZb

Hubert Daviz - PROCEDURI DE RUTINA http://goo.gl/tahne

Oscillations Mix: Beats From the Den by BUG http://goo.gl/DX8rW

Kaze - Kombination http://goo.gl/TIaEd

J Dilla - Donut Shop http://goo.gl/1iXs

Teebs - Ardour http://goo.gl/2ql9K

SlopFunkDust - Beat Fanatic Vol 1: Tasters Choice http://goo.gl/55uCe

Dibiase - Machines Hate Me http://goo.gl/JK9ON

SpineTV Beat Tape Vol. 1 - 14KT http://goo.gl/RoVQT

LuigiBo x Hypedog - The Best Of NAMELESS http://goo.gl/HWqVH

Beat Maker Beat - MacroKosmos http://goo.gl/lVCtn

Rap ohne lizenz - The Beat Tape Vol​.​1 http://goo.gl/W86bI

Jaisu - Straight Out The MPC http://goo.gl/H71tc

Munoz - A Day In the Life 3 http://goo.gl/DMVmn

Xperiment - Precipitation: The Soundcloud Collection http://goo.gl/a9fmq

P.U.D.G.E - One Hand Band http://goo.gl/eszYV

Kaytradamus - Teriphikness http://goo.gl/0pDoJ

Jamaal Jones - The GarageBeats EP http://goo.gl/dycOg

DJ Babu - The Beat Tape Vol. 2 http://goo.gl/8IQvi

Producers I Know Presents: Apatight - Aye Pee Beat Library Vol 3 http://goo.gl/Dz0fB

Trek Life X Oddisee - Everything Changed Nothing (Instrumentals) http://goo.gl/6xAYB

Kidkanevil - Basho Basho Remixed Remixed http://goo.gl/2CWg7

Bahwee - Flavors http://goo.gl/AhCep

Beat Maker Beat - New Old Raw Drafts pt.2 http://goo.gl/C2BqP

Wizard - Chill Pill 2 http://goo.gl/0f1xV

Nameless - 16 Bit http://goo.gl/Wtrqt

Aspect 1 - Vibe Over http://goo.gl/4sC17

LuigiBo X Hypedog - Dust Off The NES PT.1 http://goo.gl/SMOAe

Myke Forte - Zodiak::Leo http://goo.gl/lzMZY

Apollo Brown - Brown Study (Instrumentals) http://goo.gl/OiaEV

Makes 1 - Phatmusic http://goo.gl/Fjt21

Devonwho x Mndsgn - Episodes http://goo.gl/0JR4i


  1. you left off Madlib Beat Konducta in Africa, should have been in the top 10

  2. Beat Fanatic Vol. 1 - Smokers Choice is actually SlopFunkDust - Beat Fanatic Vol. 1: Tasters Choice. regardless, thanks for posting the link.

  3. gritty goat from the States had some DOPE free digi-download instrumental releases last year. Tall Black Buy's "Hollywierd" and Phraim's "Silver Lined" to name a few. check em out

  4. this list lost all credibility when you omitted Passion HiFi's tape plus Swindal, Soul Rebel etc

  5. yeah co-sign on the Tall Black Guy mention


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