Hypedog Presents: 100 Best Beat Tapes / Instrumental LP's Of 2011.

Around the same time last year, we dropped you a 50 Best Of Beat Tapes post with hopes to bring more attention to projects released by some popular and lesser-known producers in 2010. We thought it was only right to double the stakes and provide you with links to what we think are the 100 best beat tapes and instrumental albums from 2011. 98% of the links provided take you straight to the producers/labels Bandcamp page with streams and links to purchase or download for free. Once again, make sure you check out each link and share this post with your local beat fanatic. A huge shout-out to every one of these producers below for the movements made in 2011. See you all in 2012  

Elaquent – The Midnight After http://bit.ly/fjPdZn
Bahwee – Sketches http://bit.ly/pwRRnD
Kayoz (Munoz x Kaytrdamus) – Kayoz EP http://bit.ly/i3NTtO
Kaytradamus – Kaytra LaBoom http://bit.ly/qSAB6V
Ta–Ku -  Beat Sketches Vol. 1 http://bit.ly/uK8KNW
Knxwledge – Old.Klouds LP http://bit.ly/qkMaJj  1 of 15 dope projects released in 2011
Fathom 9 – Soul-Heart Sessions: Winter Leaves http://bit.ly/iwvJBH
Brenk Sinatra – Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly http://bit.ly/qqomwn
Astronote – The Raw Tape http://bit.ly/iR01CG
Lee Bannon – BTB 2 (Circus Cuts Delux) http://bit.ly/oCIazN
Onra – Chinoiseries Pt. 2 http://bit.ly/syvEzq
Sir Froderick – Qualm Monk EP http://bit.ly/uYeC7V
Tek Nalo G – Rise Of The Machines http://bit.ly/sXNzqs
Chris Are – A Brief History Of The Future http://bit.ly/q3bF8j
Eric Lau – Quadrivium http://bit.ly/he6mwQ
RAJA – Red http://bit.ly/v1WuJr
Trebles And Blues – The Blue Note http://bit.ly/dVtn36
Beat Maker Beat – The Sound Of Tomorrow http://bit.ly/uXylkw

Slot-A – Foundation Beat Tape http://bit.ly/pWPHyz
Hey!Zeus – Dopamine Doppelgangerz http://bit.ly/tqllQW
Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album http://bit.ly/lmgfDK
Dibiase – Sound Palace http://bit.ly/uhnwAI
Dibiase – Swingology 101 http://bit.ly/s9DV0T
HAZ SOLO – For A Reigny Day http://bit.ly/oLSOP4
Evil Needle – Mood http://bit.ly/t8lFnI
Mndsgn – NoMaps http://bit.ly/pifIF3
NAMELESS – Dusty Pads EP http://bit.ly/eLCTk8
Elementone17 – Lost Galaxies http://bit.ly/oXpcKN
Teebs - Collection 01 http://bit.ly/tk8rGx
Kev Brown - Instrumentals Vol. 1 http://bit.ly/dQ3JBb
Flako – The Mesektet http://bit.ly/lEkZez
!LLMIND – Behind The Curtain http://bit.ly/uqdnhF
Ju-Ar – Orange Air http://bit.ly/fxbrqn
Insightful - Luck & Love http://bit.ly/tYTxxk
L’Orange – Old Soul http://bit.ly/shaKSG
Illregular Music Collective (Instrumentals) http://bit.ly/l88Yd8
Hazel – The Lost Tapes http://bit.ly/fyEXgH
Hazel + Slakah The Beatchild – THIS http://bit.ly/p6y9gb
Myke Forte – Zodiak:: Libra http://bit.ly/svcI5z
Xperiment x B.Lewis – See-Saw Kids http://bit.ly/vtmbqH
Abjo – Sankofa EP http://bit.ly/p73E9f
Apollo Brown – Clouds http://bit.ly/eoDQ2R
0hbliv – RawOasis http://bit.ly/oWTYg6
Beat Butcha – Bandcamp Exclusives http://bit.ly/qQa2Ek
Lakim – Angels With Filthy Souls http://bit.ly/hbXs7E
Low Budget Crew – The Masters http://bit.ly/gabnUP
Exile / Free The Robots – LA Series #10 http://bit.ly/glcQub
BeatsOfreen – Future Memories http://bit.ly/fGKswN
BudaMonk – Smoke Deep http://bit.ly/etiqbD
Freddie Joachim – Patiently http://bit.ly/s953iT
Bugseed x ill.sug – SILLA Beattape http://bit.ly/veg5d1
Aspect One – Black History http://bit.ly/hQ4dTx
Mono/Poly – Manifestations EP http://bit.ly/f39Z3o
Tall Black Guy – Therapy Chop Sessions EP http://bit.ly/lcFC4P
Wizard – Chill Pill 3 http://bit.ly/iwZary
14KT – 14KillaTape http://bit.ly/mRWIw7
14KT – A Friendly Game Of KT http://bit.ly/rJ9MuE
JuSoul – Justrumentals v0.5 odds+ends http://bit.ly/rZCAOp
Ras G – Down 2 Earth http://bit.ly/uhvqua
Jesse Futerman – Super Basement EP http://bit.ly/insW34
OffBeatKid – Compilation Vol. 2 http://bit.ly/t6aAzC
Dday One – Loop Extension http://bit.ly/rWTNgw
Grap Luva – Neva Done http://bit.ly/rvLwV6
Simiah – Purple Dreams http://bit.ly/uAI5lq
SABeats – New Era Vol. 1 http://bit.ly/vzDRkI
Will Sessions – The Elmatic Instrumentals http://bit.ly/nHmvDN
John Robinson – Brilliant Soundscapes Vol. 1 http://bit.ly/syfsWD
Rise – Messages http://bit.ly/lHVd4P
FRSH SLCTS WKND BEATS 9: Dibiase – Comfort Zone http://bit.ly/tKFVKC
Nujabes – Spiritual State http://bit.ly/llZKaD
Hash Finger - July / Aug / Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan http://bit.ly/oFfPsz
SlopFunkDust & J Bizness – Something To Wrap To http://bit.ly/sOQq7j
Roy Ayers Project - Beat Submission Compilation Vol 1-2 http://bit.ly/pGRUDs / http://bit.ly/sIUfuc
Behind Closed Doors Vol 3 http://www.louisden.com/bcd
Madlib – Beat Konducta Around The World EP http://bit.ly/eg2yTf
Kaimbr – The BrotherShip http://bit.ly/tQ8sbs
Mo Kolours – EP1: Drum Talking http://bit.ly/mB8VnO
KVZE – Kafeteria Fewd LP http://bit.ly/oK2eu8
IV The Polymath – New vs Old http://bit.ly/rTRtEE
NegroSaki – From Scratch http://bit.ly/soLN4D
DustyCrates – OutOfOrder2 http://bit.ly/vbCJge
Roc Marciano – Marcberg (Instrumentals) http://bit.ly/u0d9hV
Pete Rock – Petestrumentals (10thAnniversary Edition) http://bit.ly/v8e9wn
P.U.D.G.E – OHMazing GRACE http://bit.ly/vnry8E
Ill Poetic – Instrumentals Vol. 1 http://bit.ly/rEXepo
Apatight – Beat Reel 2011 V1 http://bit.ly/nud9mD
Robot Oxford & the Mind Fuzz Orchestra http://bit.ly/tsYc5K
Collective Resonance x Mr Mockwell – Rhythm Base 3 (Part 1) http://bit.ly/tLLOmj
Potholes Presents: Midnight Snacks http://bit.ly/r7Uic3
Godlee Barnes – The Norman Rockwell Beat Tape http://bit.ly/nsY8Pk
J-1 aka The Deer – Lucky 7 EP http://bit.ly/qHKM5M
BUG – Mechanical Soul EP http://bit.ly/oWytfC
ESTA – REAL.LIVE.SH*T. http://bit.ly/fBG1UN
yU – A Garbage Beat Tape http://bit.ly/sNsUak
Question – Re-Deux http://bit.ly/mwOXyd
Oddisee – Odd Seasons http://bit.ly/izcjMW
Kelakovski – Kela Got That Crack 2011 http://bit.ly/sla66A
Kadaj Da Kid – SOULblade2 http://bit.ly/rC4rZ5
Rapohnelizenz - The Beat Tape Vol. 2 http://bit.ly/emEEnH
FRSH SLCTS x DaveNotti – The Neck Brace III EP http://bit.ly/njVbA7


  1. where is ichiro " loopshu " beat tape ?!!!!

  2. Dope list but don't forget boon doc - black koolaid ;)

  3. Don't know how I missed out Boonie Mayfield :S

  4. Aw man I wish I was on there you guys have my bro Kaytradamus up there and my DMV brother Oddisee. You guys gotta check out my beattape BeasT ChronicleS Vol. 2. http://www.mediafire.com/?e26bkvtu90cb87c Not asking to give me a shoutout or anything just give it a listen and enjoy it

  5. too much dudes men...

    Astrological: http://jellyfishrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/flux-ep

  6. Nice list. Several omissions but that's due to the fact so many damb projects dropped. Like Ichiro_, Koen, Keon Meteor, Veterano, D-Man, Soulful!, DJ Primate, The Midnight Illz, Beat Fight #2, Beat Power, Resistant Mindz RM 01, Kaseta LP, Paten Locke, Low Budget's "The Masters", Astronote "The Raw Tape", etc. got left off. It was a huge year for beat tapes & intrumental LP's...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sorry @BeasT @al vizu! Thanks for the links guys.

    TRU @Dart. SALUTE! Missed a few but Masters & The Raw Tape are in there somewhere.

  9. Don't forget this one http://malkovich.nl/2011/12/25/malkovich-beattape-the-grinchtape-drunken-uncle-music/

  10. Yes this is amazing!! Also be aware of IBMCs International Beat Making Collective and Finest Ego (Project Mooncircle)...Also shouts to Malkovich (see above)

  11. Wasnt feelin LAGOS(leo123&Radius) huh? That Samiyam was one of the most boring and repetative overrated releases of the year...#justbeinhonest

  12. http://digital.turntablelab.com/search/?tiled=0&x=all&artist=Lagos&P=1 or oldtacomarecords.com

  13. Nice list overall though, lots I gotta check much respect! Thanks

  14. dont forget Sunclef - The Tesseract!

    thanks for the shout

  15. So happy to see you again ! I was looking for good music...I found you ;)

  16. First off, well done. But the list needs some quality control imo, 70% of these honestly werent that great, and Ive listened to all of them save 1 or 2. You guys got most of the well known ones (Freddie Joachim, Eric Lau, 14KT etc) and even some of the less known ones (Evil Needle, Fathom 9, JuSoul, Jesse Futerman, Rise) so props for that. But youve missed a ton of gems while adding some that were no where near deserving of recognition. Ill stay away from the negatives and say that Teeko's Light Up the Darkness and Illastrate's Eddie Coleman's Friday Night Theme were, IMO, the 2 best instrumental projects of 2011, yet neither of them are even mentioned. Also, theres Chief's Drone Beats & Electric Waves, Full Crate's Golden Glasses, Oddisee's Rock Creek Park, The Midnight EEz beatape,Dutchmassive -Yawn of the Gemeni, Astrological's Far Far Away, Polynesian Dream, and Flux were all three very dope. To be clear, I respect the effort you took to compile this list but i think its missing quite a few substantial works from 2011. Just my take on it. Thanks.

  17. This is a great collection of the best beats of 2011. It’s cool to be able to click on each and get a download. I agree you missed a couple, but everyone hears them differently and has their own favorites. I’m glad to see 14K and P.U.D.G.E. on the list, two of my favorites. They are really talented in my opinion.

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