Originally shown as part of the BBC's 'Arena' series in 1984, 'Beat This: a Hip Hop History' is one of the first glimpses into the nascent hip hop culture of the Bronx. Looking at all of the arts of hip hop as practised by such legends as The Cold Crush Brothers, Jazzy Jay, as well as the musical and social revolutionary Afrika Bambaataa and hip hop's godfather DJ Kool Herc. Fontaine's seminal film captures the main progenitors of the scene as it evolves from a tiny street movement into an internationally disseminated culture. 'Beat This: A Hip Hop History' features in-depth interviews as well as footage from Kool Herc's original block parties. This is unmissable breaking, graffiti, rapping and DJing from back in the day, in all its crazy-costumed glory!

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