'MF DOOM is one of my favourite rappers. I had collected his acapellas from the last few years. I remixed 4 of his tracks around the time I did the 'Rough Versions Remixes' which 'Change The Beat' featured on.
In putting this together I put the remixes in sequence with some of the spoken word and musical samples that he used on his original tracks. The tracks 'Rock Co Kane Flow' and 'Ghostwhirl' were original tracks which Doom featured on with other rappers, for my remixes I just used his verses. Hopefully Doom will hear this and we'll end up doing an album together :)' - Tom Caruana

Intro [0:47]
My Favourite Ladies [2:48]
Air [2:27]
It Ain't Nuttin [3:04]
Skit [0:42]
Melody [2:40]
Change The Beat [3:50]
Rock Co Kane Flow [2:31]
Ghostwhirl [1:18]
Impending Doom [2:05]
Vomit [2:29]

Download MF Doom Remixed by Tom Caruana

Rock Co Kane Flow

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