Production Tips: Test your favourite vst libraries for free is a website developed as a free, realtime virtual instrument evaluating system offering more than 1000 virtual instruments and sound libraries from over 70 labels. Each session is limited to 25 minutes and the latency is dependant on your your internet connection but this is a great service to 'try before you buy' a choice of virtual instruments and Plug-Ins from your home anywhere in the world.

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and Windows XP, Vista and 7.

To use the free Try-Sound-Service you will need to register and log in to our website. Now you can choose your start-up Plug-In, your operating system and an available time slot. The selected Plug-In can be changed at any time during your session. After creating a session, you can download the Try-Sound-Login-Tool directly from our website or via the provided link in your confirmation email.

The Try-Sound-Session:
Each session is limited to 25 minutes. After your session has been terminated, you will be asked to fill out a short report about your experience. This will help us to optimize the system and grant you a better test experience in the future. Feel free to book another session whenever you like.

Latency and Sound Quality:
The latency and sound quality depends on your internet connection. We offer several presets with latencies down to 90ms (MacOS) and MP3 resolutions up to 320kB/s (it should be possible to work with our default setting – 200ms and 128kB/s – on a 2000k connection). You can change the Latency/Sound preset at any time during your session to find the optimal setting. With a fast internet connection you can try to reduce the latency and increase the sound quality to the best possible values.

Full access to all parameters:
Feel free to change parameters and to load any other sound using the Plug-In´s regular interface. The autoload function shows you the first steps and you can find a quickstart manual for most of the Plug-Ins by clicking the HELP symbol. You can switch to any other of our installed instruments during your session by simply clicking the product symbol in the left column.

Are there all sounds available from the Plug-In or just some demo sounds?
Yes, it´s a full installation of the retail product.

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