Paul White - The Strange Dreams Of Paul White (Free Download)

London-based record label One-Handed Music featuring Paul White, Bullion, Ahu, Fulgeance, Tranqill and Mo Kolours are kindly giving away their first album just as Paul is putting the finishing touches to his next release Rapping With Paul White.

One-Handed Music:
When we released our first album, The Strange Dreams of Paul White in 2009, we didn’t know what to expect. An instrumental record by a mostly unknown producer with no song topping three minutes, it wasn’t an obvious hit. Nor did it look like anything else: a slim CD in a handmade, hand-stamped pillowcase with very little information. It took us hours and hours to stamp and fill the first 1000 copies, and almost as long to find someone to make the pillowcases (shout to Wahab Tailors of Whitechapel!).

We sold out almost straight away. We made more, but I kept some in my roof space to sell via bandcamp. Last week we sold our last ever copy.* It seems fitting that The Strange Dreams… disappears just as Paul is putting the final touches to Rapping With Paul White, and we thought this would be a perfect time to try to spread the word and encourage people to share Strange Dreams to help the new record find some sympathetic ears. All of which is a very long way of saying: you can download The Strange Dreams of Paul White for free. So get it, tell a friend, and bang it in your jeep. If you don’t have a jeep, play it on your dad’s stereo.

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