Legendary rapper Chester P has released an album and a slew of mixtapes over the past few years. His album titled ‘From the Ashes’ shows rhyming at its rawest, with flawless multis and flowing street verse. Mixed with his inimitable philosophy and spectacular wordplay he weaves a tapestry of London life, its perils and dreams, disasters and diatribes. Features from fellow TaskForce veteran Farma G, Ransom Badbones and some truly new and brilliant UK beats produced by Louis Slipperz. Stand out track for me was ‘Fly Away’ where beats and flows peak in his genius rhythm. This marked a move toward Chester’s solo rap output and was followed the next year by his ‘New Mic Order – Mixtape Part 1’, making the listener remember, or research, it’s startling and unique original.

This time round Farma G helped produce and utilise underground and classic US hip hop beats to underlie Chester’s lyrical prowess, charging over tracks with invention, ideas and real genuine rap character; ‘Urban Jackanory’ among ‘F.M.H’ and ‘The greatest story never told’ are highlights in an hour of balanced and varied moods that explore the depths of his talents.

If you haven’t got any, go get some Chester P.


Reviewed by J Bodes

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