'Reality, Fantasy, And The Web'
21st August - 10th October 2009
Address : 77 Quayside,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Phone : +44 (0)191 221 2560
The gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday 12pm-6pm.
Admittance : Free
more info :

"Mode 2 has always been seen as a bit of a voyeur, especially in light of the female figure, which features heavily in the artist’s work. Not a big fan of exhibitionists, he prefers to see what somebody wouldn’t wish to show, and also likes to observe from afar; saying that there’s a distance from which people don’t think they’re being watched, at which point they let down their guard, and things become more interesting. He tries not to have a fixation on any given body-type or shape, trying to draw more natural curves, while also pushing for an indeterminate racial type which makes it easier for the female spectator to identify with.

Having recently experimented with using cardboard as a painting support, Mode grew to enjoy its practical and modular qualities; building up his painting surfaces with a patchwork or mosaic assembly of cardboard coming in different square or rectangular shapes and sizes. Easy to find, inexpensive, and providing an alternative to the linen or fabrics that he normally uses, Mode has decided to construct everything on site, for his new show, cutting and juxtaposing many pieces of cardboard into compositions that reach a certain harmony to his eye. Only then will he move to the actual sketching and painting itself.

Working once again within a restrictive time-frame, maybe a habit left over from painting outdoors and illegally, Mode 2 will be using pastels and acrylics to produce the new work, as they’re the quickest and most practical alternative to spray-paint, minus the toxic fumes on top.

Besides these new paintings, Mode will also be showing some of his sketches, a first for the artist, who usually refrains from showing this more personal aspect of his work to the public."

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