Boon Doc needs our help to build new studio

I hopped on Twitter during my lunch break and noticed the homie Xperiment saying something along the lines of "Pray for Boonie, he's going through a tough time right now" I just had to know what was goin on so I asked X and he replied that someone broke into his brand new studio and pilfered EVERYTHING.

He posted this message on Facebook:

“Last night someone broke into my studio and took EVERYTHING
I ever worked for. Every beat I ever made is now gone.
Boonie Mayfield is now officially over”

I was extremely upset to hear the news and immediately tried to think of a way I could help since I've been a fan of Boonie's for a couple years. I thought I could try and get his fans and supporters to send donations to him. Please give whatever you can, even if it's one dollar to help Boon Doc recoup from his tremendous losses. I REFUSE to see Boon Doc go out like this and I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels this way. If you love his music donate NOW! All proceeds go direct to Boon Doc's Paypal - Luigi-Bo 87


  1. Theorian Williams1 June 2010 at 00:31

    My stomach turned when I got this news! Extremely disgusted and saddened.

  2. this sucks big time! boonie was one of the main reasons why i got hooked up on this beat making shit... hope he gets his stuff back as soon as possible!

  3. damn, tht sucks, I guess this kinda shows that makin non beats don't make ya no money though otherwise the gear would be easily replaced

  4. Thanks to those who have donated so fasr! Let's get more donations! Even if it's pnly $1 IT HELPS!

  5. Tough break nigga. Shoulda had renters insurance.

  6. ^^ Man homie why would you say something like that ? Boonie worked hard for everything he has man ! DAMN !

  7. I don't even know Boonie and I've never heard of him until this happened. Just finished watching some of his videos for the first time and felt I might be able to help a little.

    I've got a real Roland Juno-106 with the original box/manual/leather cover (pristine condition)... and a pair of Roland DM-20 monitors that I've only used for a month (original box with the manual)... that i'm willing to donate to him if someone handles the shipping. I'm in Georgia and you can reach me through my website. I know it aint what he had before but, it's something to hold him down till he gets back on his feet.

  8. thats fucked up for him

    sad but treu you have to insure youre studio ,i know i did mine cause it holds serious thousands of bucks ,but dont take it mistaken,its only normal he didnt do it because no 1 needs to take stuff that doesnt beelong to them,i know how fucked up people can get so i insured my studio,fucked up for him soon as i sold some beats again il donate for him too ,real talk,peacee IllSkilz

    ps @ boondoc this will only make you stronger man keep faith ,its not your fault people are so stupid


    Jheeez funny enough i just watched his April vid(& COMMENTED ON HIS WEBPAGE & THEN I SEEN THE UTUBE LINK 4 THIS) and i thought wooooow...dude is on some next level in an office & all "I HOPE HE GOT INSURANCE"...HONESTLY I SWEAR 2 GOD THAT WAS MY 1ST RESPONSE WHEN I SAW THAT HE HAD AN OFFICE,ETC"..Does any1 know if he backed up his hard drives..cause at least that'll make things a bit easier 4 him..i mean if he didn't....booooy...

    Even over here in the UK u gotta know that PPl can be real badminded..Theiving Brutes...ive been burgled b4 & Cats removed my Security Grills & all 2 GET IN...So i knw how Boonie must feel...Ima make a Donation now & so should ery1 who has watched,learned & been inspired by his Youtube videos..

    Bless....DiVeRsE (TFB)