Soundcrash Presents a very rare and exclusive show from
Support from huge UK star KLASHNEKOFF (live)
Plus Kiss FM's DJ MK (Manuva's DJ)

Friday, November 6, 200
7:40pm - 11:30pm
Camden High Street

EARLY TICKETS at £10.00 subject to availability (first 200)

Everyone knows Dead Prez. That is to say everyone has heard Dead Prez. But not everyone has really listened to Dead Prez… Stalwarts of every warm-up-DJ's half-hour mega-mix and every hip-hop compilation with their world-banger tune ‘It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop’ they are well known even outside the Hip Hop community. But Dead Prez are so much more than a 'one hit wonder'; They put most of their peers to shame. Not only with the power of their music but the power of their message. Anyone who’s scratched the surface, or even listened to the lyrics of that dancefloor filler knows this. And anyone who hasn’t best get themselves down to the nearest Dead Prez show. Why, we happen to have one right here…how convenient.

Dead Prez are one of those bands that comes along only occasionally. Continuing on the path of politically minded artists like Public Enemy and KRS-One the Florida-formed-New York based outfit has been crafting revolutionary but gangsta hip-hop since the late 1990s. Striving to produce records that express concepts beyond the limited confines of the rap aesthetic and are instead relevant to the struggles faced by contemporary black America, Dead Prez tackle such diverse topics as education, the drugs problem and the economic traps faced by a community that in many ways remains oppressed. But make no mistake. Dead Prez are not clumsily trying to crowbar a message into an art form. Like those esteemed predecessors, Dead Prez are world-class musicians, just world-class musicians with a social conscience.

With two full albums under their belt, plus two underground mix-tapes and two solo albums of street level political hip-hop that is heavily designed challenge the status quo Dead Prez have diversified into writing and publishing, filmmaking and been the subject of an acclaimed documentary. All of which has given them the opportunity to spread their message over a wide range of media.

However, music remains their first love on the back of Pulse Of The People the third instalment of their mix tape series Turn Off The Radio, Dead Prez will be descending onto London’s Koko with all their talent, fire and street level revolutionary zeal. Soundcrash can’t wait to bring you this show…

Support will come from the UK’s finest Klashnekoff. He has been missing in action for a while now but will surely make a solid return as he intends to release his new album Back to Da Sagas in the coming months.

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