Recently posting a list of radio stations, a few heads were asking what happened to the massive ITCH FM? Turned out that they ended their 7 year radio station in January. But dont be sad, most of the DJ's have reincarnated themselves over at Sensei FM. To mark the legacy of ITCH FM they released a third instalment of the LOST CITY mixtapes, this time for free.

"The Lost City 3 album, compiled and mixed by The Furious, has finally dropped, exclusive to Sensei FM. Originally due for release a while ago, wrapping up Itch FM, the project was put on hold - until now. ITCH FM's successor, Sensei FM has gained the exclusive RAW edition in full, renamed 'Lost City 3 The Final Chapter: Farewell Itch FM'. There will be a final version of the mix with some special extras coming soon. Check the exclusives and freestyles from the likes of Dynamite MC, TY, Yungun, Verb T, DJ IQ and friends, SuperNovar and many many more, including farewell messages from special guest" - Sensei FM

Download - Lost City 3 The Final Chapter

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