RATING: 4 out of 5

Parky returns with the long awaited second album 'First Second Time Round'.
If you are unaware of Micall Parknsun he's a a YNR lyrical emcee who really does tell it how it is. His debut LP 'Working Class Dad' jumped on the scene in 2005 with a raw and honest vibe, not the usual illusions preserved by UK based rhymers.

'First Time Second Time Round' is a mature and well produced album. There's no doubt Micall is fully aware of the sound he wants to create. Every beat links in perfectly to the next, and the lyrics take you on a journey of this London based lyricists day to day.

The production could happily work as a backdrop for US contemporaries including Elzhi, J-Live, CL-Smooth and the true rhymers who's sounds alude to the mark of 'grown man's music'.

Come again featuring Jehst takes a different direction with the typical dark YNR banger, similar to the production on Sir Smurf Lil's 'Myalpha' project. The 2 emcees come correct, with Jehst offering up his usual wordplay making madness sound perfectly sane!

Once again, a common theme is Parknsun's children. Dis is real gets his son telling you that your not as real as his dad. It's at this point that you wonder if Micall wants to be real. No dis intended but that appear to be the particular brand of Hip Hop you are being sold. Keep this phrase in mind and you'll notice that there is alot of repetition in the lyrics. That said, at least he says something to say!

Stand out tracks include Beatz and Rhymez. Our host sounds in good spirits. The classically sampled backdrop gives a refreshingly upbeat sound, allowing Micall to state his position. He's back. It's that simple. Another stand out is the lo-fi banger 'Movementz' once again featuring Jehst and the Uk's version of Quasimoto, Kashmere. A simple 4 bar loop is all that it takes for the trio to stand strong. This track sounds ideal to get a live crowd going nuts, hands up and all sorts!

'All 4 Hip Hop' has a great vibe, from the first bar you know this track is going to be an anthem. The breakdown after the first verse serves to show Micall's impeccable flow when the sound is right. However the most complete track award has to go to the Apa-Tight produced 'Turn It Up'. The smooth chops fits Parknsun's flow, and create a hod nod that you just don't want to stop.

If you want the bad with your good, 'Diz Is Real's repetitive beat and limited lyrical content serve as a filler track to cater for a wider fan base and prove he's still got the 'Working Class Dad' sound from '05. That's about it. This is definitely a Marmite project. If your not into straight spitting this isn't for you. There's no clever hooks or shiney beats, this is Uk Hip Hop in it's rawest form. That's what makes it good! There's some great tracks on here, but in all honesty you could probably listen to half of the tracks and know what to expect with the other half.

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