Percy Filth
is banging out great beats that roll with the punches, crafting fine samples together to create a fluid and uplifting mood in his productions. 'Dilla Flip' highlighting his prowess at the now epic Louis Den Beat Cypher and presenting a homage to the great producer who inspires many beat-smiths. Compared to his myspace offerings, the sound is far weightier on his Elbow Grease EP (9 Track album).

On Eat Good Records second release, Percy begins with a brassy and upbeat sample loop, complemented by an aptly chosen Lord Finesse quote. With a host of well-known rappers from the label and those from further afield, Percy paints a fiery production picture which ranges (and succeeds) across the spectrum. With thoughtful lyricists who contribute to the firm understanding and depth he has in hip hop, this is, as with Eat Good releases, far more than the snippets let on.

The first verse of 'The Power' emancipates the listener, where we hear Sonny and English knocking out verses over a mesmerising beat. The title track builds on his production reputation, creating a huge base for the trio of MCs to flow along with a catchy chorus. Question Percy's potential and he responds with "That's Why", a truly brilliant beat crammed with music and on a par with the legendary Nightmares on Wax tune 70's/80's.

This beat maker/rapper is reaching searing heights and creating ''Track Records' like Usain Bolt in training (again aptly splicing in a Big L flow). This blend of UK/US rappers is what we need to see over here, and this project shows the way for collaborations. Here cross-cultural references in the contrasting spheres of rap lyrics join together, not so much competing, but coalescing to push boundaries. If you are wondering where new hip hip is, Eat Good Records and find out.

Reviewed by J-Bodes

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