The slick precise verses that make this album, shake the tree of UK hip hop, pushing forward the standard of rhyming. Each of the four rappers drop lyrical landscapes of London life, they host a mood of creativity within the traditions of a golden age of rap. With shrewd insights that flow smoothly alongside mystical symbolism, street tales told and rhyme scenes laid out with prophetic pens and religious philosophy, all this pans out with an effortless rhythm and a casual yet certain confidence in the depth of their own words. The beats that unfold are taken largely from the US, the cuts are finely chosen, giving the sound of a unified thread across the 17 tracks that weave into an intriguing journey of sound. White Noize is a real platform of expression for Kyza, Cyrus Malachi, Masikah and Melanin 9.

The first track 'Rainblood' launches the Orphans of Cush sound, Kyza storming the booth with his explosive character, composed and armed with a raw fresh verse, following on Cyrus and M9 push the envelope even further, from the word go the writing is on the wall that these rappers are seriously skilled, and this project is one of the year's highlights in british hip hop.

'Street tapestry' sees M9's unstoppable flow step through a brilliant 6 minute narrative that is reminiscent of the likes of MC Dynamite (Double reds), Ricochet (Mad Runningz and Slanguage) and even Ghostface (Shakey Dog) . This is one out of many tracks that shine, showing the variation between the individual and collective talents of the group. There is a distinctive balance between rap styles and the mentality being brought by each of the Orphans.

Tunes like 'Why' and 'Where We at', really challenge the entrenched perceptions that keep perpetrating some of the more futile issues in society, and succeeds in part due to the conceit of continued questioning. The rappers here move beyond the MC world and uphold the mantle of writers, really considering topics with the strict application of verse.

"We lock it with the master keys /
Compose a masterpiece /
Rap connoisseurs hypnotic words /
pound spots rip your scalp off /
melodic verse murder with our mouth off /
...like a corporate merger knock your crown off" - Novacaine

'Novacaine' brings back the heights of an epic style seen in previous Triple Darkness albums. In their current form as the Orphans of Cush it seems that nearly every other track is a huge crew cut, the chorus and verse blend in a that classic hip hop form. As happens only rarely, a new innovation in rhyming is directly broadcast with equal skill and dexterirty, a stremgth that all four members are clearly aware of, which shows in the way that the collective voice is passed seamlessly between MC's who solo and support as one.

They have an octane live show and quality material, so cheer up your speakers with the White Noize CD and let the Orphans take you on a tour of the Cush.
Reviewed by J Bodes


  1. 'Street tapestry' is actually Blashphemy. But this review is good!

  2. This is Blasphemy. I didnt know I sounded like M9 LOL. Dis album is hot. Good review.

  3. haha gotta give credit to you for the 7 minute narrative rap, fuckin incredible.