Ghost, undoubtedly one of the most underrated UK based Hip Hop producers of our time returns with his second full length LP entitled 'Freedom of Thought'. Recently relocated to New Zealand, this album tells the story of the producers creative and emotional experiences, with every track portraying honesty and passion.

The formidable producer made a reputation for his debut LP 'Seldom Seen Often Heard', and built a strong fan base. Since then, like many true producers it’s been a waiting game, but with 'Freedom Of Thought' you won’t be disappointed.

The project begins with an intro that wouldn’t sound out of place on a DJ Shadow album. With a great vocal sample, you immediately realise what the project is about. As the name suggests, this album is about free thought, not following the crowd and offering originality.

'Return Journey' is a moody and drum heavy track that combines trippy synths with a choral backing, the drumline has the trademark Ghost sound...A powerful yet subtle sound. Midway through, a guitar breaks through to offer a different end for an already dramatic track.

With any track on the album be sure to listen all the way to the end, as no track will end the same. Ghost is not the kind of producer who is content with a fade out effect. Varying drum patterns, additional instruments, second outros, skits and more offer character to the project.

The ever consistent Jehst is the first artist to offer vocals to the project on 'Elevate'. Brimstone appears reflective and humble on the beautiful piano led backdrop with Ghost effortlessly building and breaking down the instrumental where necessary.

Other stand out tracks on the project include:
• 'Frozen In Time' featuring with Verb-T. The poignant track tells a tale of a dwindling relationship in which Verbs conscience is unsure whether to give in or push forward. As with any Verb-T verse you can be sure that it’s heart felt. Ghost comes incredibly strong with a understated guitar track echoing throughout. One thing that is very different with this project to the last is the way that individual artists hold down complete tracks. On Seldom Seen Often Heard many of the feature tracks had 2 or more artists, whereas Freedom Of Though contains a number of tracks which focus on 1 emcee
• 'From The Beginning': Picture Cut Chemist, Exile and Shadow collaborating on a beat and you are left with From The Beginning. This track is flawless. The pianos bounce off the horns, onto the synths and are brought back by the hypnotic drums. The only downside is the length. This track, at only 2 minutes 48 seconds could easily double in time.
• 'Move strong': featuring Dubbledge. For that straight Hip Hop fix this is a jazzy lo-fi track with some great metaphors flowed perfectly over the rough cut beat.

You could find strengths in every track. This is very much personal taste. It’s an understated classic, and definitely Hip Hop for Grown Folks. There isn’t a party tune or head banger in sight, but this is thought provoking and beautifully produced music that effortlessly blends genres. If you want real Hip Hop check Ghost’s Freedom Of Thought. It’s that simple!

Reviewed by Vice

And watch out for the new remix album 'Postcards From The Edge' which is set to drop with the launch of his new website

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