Click here to download HHC Digital 005, headed up by Rakim talking about Dr Dre’s studio antics, his first meetings with Nas and Jay-Z, Large Professor’s sample game, the day KRS-One put the blame for gangsta rap on him, the original 50 Cent and Killer Ben, the legend of The Rooftop, plus the exact price of a pair of Timberland boots with Louis Vuitton patches from Dapper Dan back in the ’80s!

Elsewhere Brother Ali talks about his independent streak, Esoteric looks back on the time he almost recorded a track with Eminem, Partners In Kryme go back in the vault for some Turtle power, we big up the Home Grown UK hip-hop exhibition, plus spotlight essential new albums and free MP3s from BlakRoc, Souls Of Mischief, Shafiq, Ralph Rip Shit and more. Simply click here to cop it with the quickness!

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