AboveGround teamed up with our good friends at Style43 to provide a dope compilation of tracks from the UK for AG's 'The 12 Days Of Hipmas'. On the mixtape you will find tracks from M9ine, Mystro, Squid Ninjaz, Truth, Jon Phonics, Micall Parknsun, DJ IQ and many more talented artists from the UK. Catch the tracklist for the full rosta.

In collaboration with our hip-hop brethren from the UK over at Style43.com, we’re getting international on the 8th day. This collection was hand-picked, and specifically crated by Tim Fish, operator of Style43. Don’t let their accents bother you–you can’t actually hear those extra u’s, so it shouldn’t be too bothersome that Tim called these some of favourite tracks. Art by me. - AboveGroundMagazine

DOWNLOAD AboveGround Presents - It Came From Across The Pond

1. Sound of a Genius – Jack Flash
2. Strange Fruit – M9ine
3. Aquarius – Mystro
4. Kush115 – Squid Ninjaz
5. The Low – Delusionists
6. Take Time – Truth
7. Ground N Bump (Interlude) – Jon Phonics
8. Some Emcees – The IRS
9. Responsibilities – Farma G
10. Clash of the Titans – Shadowstar ft. Joker Starr (this is a US track but our boy does good)
11. Do It For a Fee – DJ IQ ft. Micall Parknsun
12. I’m Doing It – Genesis Elijah
13. Now Look At Us – Revilo
14. Alternate Take – Jon Phonics ft. Verb T & Fliptrix

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