New Song Taken From Klashnekoff's Back To The Sagas available April 12th.

"The album was meant to come out last year. Most of it was recorded from last year, but the studio got robbed (no I wasn't there, and it wasn't my studio), all the shit got taken along wid my album...since then I've been trying to retrieve my shit (since I knew the people who did it) but while I was trying to sort it out, Smasher began rebuilding the beats from scratch (big up Smash Man m.b.k) and since then it’s been nothing but back and forth beef wid the management, label, and people in the game who owe me money...."

"The album is gonna be called Back to the Sagas... as the intention is on taking it back to basics in terms of energy n essence but wid a new edge! every 1 who's heard it says it’s a classic, but you’ll have to be the judge of that...plus I got the same hunger as Siler from Heroes has right now. I feel like a new artist..but I'm still trying to make that world wide music so it’s a good balance of new energy n old essence...also I knew a lot of people weren't happy wid Lion Heart which wasn't actually my album, it was a collabo album between me and Buhdah. I saw it as me going into his zone for a hot sec, but the hype made it seem like it was my album so people have judged it as such...but I overstand why." - Klashnekoff

Forever more (feat D.ABLO)
Piano (Feat THE THIRST)
Keep It Moving (Feat D.ABLO)
Hands Up (feat SMASHER amnd SKRIBLAH)
Ric O Chet K Lash Nek Off (Feat D.ABLO)
Tek Time (Feat SKRIBLAH and CAPITO)
Come Soon
Paper Up
Reppin Hard (Feat SKRIBLAH)
Raw (Feat CAPITO)
Cold World
Son Of Niya Pt. 2 (Feat K9)
Show Me The Way (Feat SKRIBLAH)
Get It Too
Feal Kuti (Feat SKRIBLAH and DIAM RUFF)
Somebody Tell Me (Feat WRETCH 32 and SMASHER)



  1. **** Paper Up Production courtesy of SKRIBLAH & D.ABLO  aka SLEEPING GIANTS ****