<a href="">Lost by Lateef Dameer</a>

This project is an exclusive for Aboveground Magazine. Lateef Dameer put together a project of his instrumentals, remixes and even some raps as an exclusive release for aboveGround Magazine. Take this as a showcase of his abilities with a clear and concise message. The New York City-based producer and MC is humble and hard-working, something of a testament to the work ethic of an artist truly on their grind. He’s put out this project to make his point: hip-hop is not dead.

Here’s what he has to say about the title, Lost and Found:

"I want to explain a little of it, there are so many people who re quote the gimmick hip hop is dead and thats the farthest from the truth. Maybe something that was there is lost but that something is always continually being found. Whenever that something is found, the experience is so personified and moving and spiritual at the same time. Its like when you play a break beat, I could be on the street in the Bronx or on a farm upstate and it has the same effect…creating an experience of finding something no matter what the environment. There’s also the experience of losing something and realizing that things don’t come in 1s, 2s, or 3s but just once. Once that thing is gone, thats it. There can be attempts to re imagine it and such but thats all just an attempt. This project is something of a statement that we just have to keep moving forward and creating dope music that creates an experience for both the artist and the listener."

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