"In the current state of music, an artist like Jay (Electronica) deserves the attention of anyone who even THINKS they like Hip-Hop. We're not saying that he's the savior but he's been working on the humble for years and Exhibit C opened him up to the world. World, meet Jay his victory for Hip-Hop." - DJ Dub

"I truly believe that everyman has a story and Jay Electronica's story is definitely the current soundtrack to Hip-Hop. He makes the impossible seem possible. Dub and I wanted to share his soundtrack with those that were unfamiliar. Let's welcome back the lyricists to Hip-Hop." - DJ Furious Styles

DOWNLOAD DJ Dub & Furious Styles Present: Jay Electronica - Victory

01. Intro
02. Exhibit B feat. Mos Def
03. Suckas
04. Walking feat. Nneka (J. Period Remix)
05. Dealing
06. So What Cha Sayin
07. Scenario '04
08. Something To Hold Onto
09. Poetry Interlude
10. Departure
11. Cool Relax feat. Naledge
12. Trolley Stop
13. Hagler
14. My World
15. Hard to Get feat. Mr Porter
16. Extra Extra
17. Victory In My Clutches
18. Swagger Jackson's Revenge
19. Just Begun feat. J. Cole, Talib Kweli & Mos Def
20. Uzi Weighs A Ton
21. Love Czars feat. Sa-Ra & Ta'raach
22. Posers feat. The New Royales
23. Billy Stewart
24. Exhibit C
25. Googly Eyes (Live)
26. Holiday feat. Mos Def

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