To get people in the mood for The MF Doom show tonight at the Roundhouse i thought i would bring forward this 'Best Of' mix we dropped on the blog a while back. The playlist is 1 hour and 20 mins long and features Ghostface Killah, Madlib, JDilla, RZA, Aesop Rock, Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Prince Po, Mega and Quasimoto.



MF Doom - Intro
MF Doom - A Word Of Advice
MF Doom - Angels Ft. Ghostface Killah
MF Doom - Fancy Clown
MF Doom - Money Folder (Madlib remix)
MF Doom - Figaro (prod. by Madlib)
MF Doom - Sniper Elite (prod. by JDilla)
MF Doom - Blacklist Ft. Aesop Rock
MF Doom - Raedawn
MF Doom - Potholderz
MF Doom - It Aint Nuttin (RZA remix)
MF Doom - Impressions
MF Doom - Accordian (Madlib remix)
MF Doom - All Caps
MF Doom - Old School Ft. Talib Kweli
MF Doom - Shadows Of Tomorrow Ft. Quasimoto
MF Doom - Rap Ambush
MF Doom - Helpless Fool (prod. by RZA)
MF Doom - Mince Meat
MF Doom - Social Distortion Ft. Prince Po
MF Doom - Meat Grinder
MF Doom - Ode To Roadrage
MF Doom - Ballskin
MF Doom - Operation: Greenbacks Ft. Mega
MF Doom - Sorcerers (KMD)
MF Doom - Lickupon
MF Doom - Change The Beat
MF Doom - Popshots
MF Doom - Absolutely
MF Doom - Fire Wood Drumstykx (prod. by JDilla)
MF Doom - Take Me To Your Leader
MF Doom - Rock Co.Kane Flow Ft. De La Soul
MF Doom - Nuttin Like Assasin day (prod. by RZA)


  1. how can I get a copy of this mix? email me please????

  2. In anticipation of the upcoming DOOM gig I've been digging for DOOM mixes. This mix rocks!

    Came across this other DOOM mix on my travels. Also rocks.

  3. I would like a copy of this mix aswell, MF Doom is why I believe rap is still poetic, and about story telling,