9th Wonder went on record by telling beatmakers "you just gotta do more than beats." So what does a beatmaker do other than make beats? They can remake beats. He did it before and it worked well, so he did it again. The wonder that is 9th formerly the silent production partner of Little Brother now solo producer has dropped a new batch of remixes of some favorite Hip-Hop and R&B joints. Infusing them with his signature soulful sound 9th keeps himself busy and relevant among his peers by doing what he does best, make ish sound good.

Download: 9th Wonder Presents 9th Invented the Remix (AGAIN)

1. Babyface - Grown and Sexy (9th Wonder Please Talk To Me Remix)
2. Memphis Bleek - Be At (9th Wonder Fire Remix)
3. Kanye West feat. Ludacris - Breathe In, Breathe Out (9th Wonder Soul Remix)
4. Goapele - Catch 22 (9th Wonder I’m Stylisticin’ On Ya Remix)
5. Heavy D feat. Diddy - It’s Your Birthday (9th Wonder Let’s Work Remix feat. Diddy)
6. Method Man - Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Babydoll Remix)
7. Method Man - Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Pre-quel Remix)
8. Method Man - Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Rainy Day Remix)
9. Method Man - Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Smoke Something Remix)
10. Beyonce feat. Donna Summer - Naughty Girl (9th Wonder Hip-Hop Remix)
11. Kanye West feat. Jay-Z - Never Let Me Down (9th Wonder The Real Hip-Hop Remix)
12. Little Brother - Not Enough (More) (9th Wonder STILL Ain’t Enough Remix)
13. Supernatural - Off The Top (9th Wonder Nature Super Remix feat. DJ Babu On De Cuts)
14. Memphis Bleek - R to the O to the C (9th Wonder Creepin’ Through The Hood Remix)
15. Ghostface feat. Jadakiss, Nas and Big L - Run (9th Wonder Remix)
16. Monica feat. Joe Scudda - So Gone (9th Wonder Dedication to the Moon Cuz it’s Black Remix)
17. Twista feat R. Kelly - So Sexy (9th Wonder Change Up Remix)
18. Memphis Bleek - Take a Minute to Breathe (9th Wonder I Can Take It Remix)
19. Common feat. Kanye West and The Last Poets - The Corner (9th Wonder 70’s Pimped Out Willie Hutch Remix)
20. Nas - Thief’s Theme (9th’s Back to Metcalf Remix)
21. Tweet feat. Missy Elliot - Turn Da Lights Off (9th Wonder Oh No You Didn’t Remix)
22. John Legend feat. Renee and Angela - Used To Love You (9th Wonder Playmates Imaging Remix)
23. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Consequence - Wordplay (9th Wonder Lounging Around Remix)

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