DJ Parler presently has three Samplology Chapters under his belt, this being the first. He also the K. West Chapter and and A Gangster Chapter. Parler does just what we all love, mixes Dilla’s music with the samples he used. Sit back and enjoy…

DOWNLOAD DJ Parler: Samplology - The J Dilla Chapter

1. D Intro
2. Hold Tight
3. What Makes You Happy
4. F the Police
5. Scrabble
6. Technova
7. Find My Way
8. The Red
9. Shine On Straight Arrow
10. Let the Dollar Circulate
11. Dollar
12. The Light
13. Open Your Eyes
14. Time: Donut of the Heart
15. Can’t Stop This
16. All I Do
17. So Far To Go
18. Don’t Say Goodnight
19. Beauty Jackson
20. Maybe (Hi)
21. Stakes is High
22. Swahililand
23. Runnin’
24. Suadade Vem Correndo
25. The Worst Band in the World
26. Workinonit
27. Bugz Workinonit
28. Two Can Win
29. Only One Can
30. Dilla Says Go
31. Rubber Band
32. Much More
33. Love Ballad
34. Last Donut of the Night
35. To You With Love
36. Move

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