I first put a mix together of instrumentals i thought represented in 2009. The compilation was called Best Of Beats '09. This time I thought it would be cool to put together a collection that sounded like they could be part of the soundtrack for a modern day NES game. For those who look at the tracklist and wonder why Slumgullion and Nameless are all over it it's simple:

a) I LOVE Slumgullion and feel like everyone is sleeping on them
b) The homie Nameless just dropped a beat tape called 16-bit wich fits in perfectly with the theme of this compilation. Consider him my feature artist because I want this mix to bring him some new fans.

NOTE - This is Vol.1 of this compilation. Had to split it into two parts. Part 2 will feature songs as well as instrumentals. Be on the look out for it in the coming weeks. Luigi-Bo 87

01 Disko Bowler (Prod. by Slumgullion)
02 Freeze (Prod. by J1 aka THE DEER)
03 Streetfighterchronicles (Quiet Rage) (Prod. by Myke Forte)
04 Creeps (Prod. by Kelakovski)
05 Dreamy (Prod. by Slumgullion)
06 Window (Prod. by Slumgullion)
07 Sirtet (Prod. by NAMELESS)
08 Outtake 8 (Prod. by Samon Kawamura)
09 Blind Witness (Prod. by Vlooper & Kenlo)
10 out-take 0809-006 (Prod. by Samon Kawamura)
11 Future (Prod. by NAMELESS)
12 Goal Banger (Prod. by Sir OJ)
13 Chancletas (Prod. by FS Green)
14 Underwaterways _ Grimey Cutman (Prod. by Hayzee)
15 He's In The Cabin!! (Prod. by NAMELESS)
16 Elevation Intended (Prod. by S1 n Caleb)
17 The Offbeat (Prod. by FlyamSam (Flying Lotus + Samiyam))
18 Bionic Fist Blastin' (Prod. by NAMELESS)
19 Time Space Continuous (Zone) (Prod. by Raul Supreme)
20 Shell Shook (Prod. by NAMELESS)
21 Castevania (Prod. by Slumgullion)
22 In the Night_While You Slept (I Crept) (Prod. by Jay Dee)
23 (Bonus Track-3) Feb-2009 (Prod. by Raul Supreme)

DOWNLOAD - Dust Off The NES By Luigi-Bo 87

Sirtet - Nameless

The Offbeat - FlyamSam (Flying Lotus + Samiyam)

out-take 0809-006 - Samon Kawamura


  1. Nice compilation of beats here, hope you don't mind if i re-post them. @ http://instrumentaldownloads.blogspot.com

  2. Bandcamp link http://hypedogcompilation.bandcamp.com/album/dust-off-the-nes-part-1-by-luigi-bo-87

  3. Can you change the main link to the bandcamp link?

  4. In fact, I do not let my NES get dust due to I have an intensive season of gaming all day long, all days.
    I simply live it!