Nueve Hip Hop – Best of Oddisee Vol.1

I was postin them Nueve Hip Hop joints back on the old blog. So when we went through our “transition” I lost his contact info. He found us recently and immediately blessed us with a dope mix of some Oddissee. That’s what’s up.- DGI

DOWNLOAD Nueve Hip Hop – Best of Oddisee Vol.1

1. long time coming instro
2. quest to find
3. this is hip hop
4. hip hops cool again
5. something for yall
6. the upgrade
7. keep on
8. delusional
9. life after love instro
10. in check
11. beats n rhymes
12. price 2 pay
13. head high
14. q & a
15. a song for that
16. such is life
17. get in line
18. dont sleep remix
19. where i be at
20. memory lane remix
21. drugs outside remix
22. last joint instro

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