<a href="">Chips & Cheese by Tranqill</a>

The Hidden Treasures EP collects three jewels from his vast unreleased catalogue. Chips & Cheese serves as the ideal introduction as Tranqill lays all to waste over a perfect loop. If you haven’t already rearranged your top 5 UK list by now, Payroll and the monstrous one-verse Deadly Wintaz will leave you gasping. Throw in the best remix Paul White has ever done and it’s a wrap. And if you like your beats with room to breathe, Paul White’s Dirty Dub is a monster, an explicit version of the track that first appeared on a now rather expensive white label 7” and Mary Anne Hobbs’ Wild Angels compilation.

‘The Hidden Treasures EP’ is the first straight up hip-hop release from One-Handed Music, the label that brought you Bullion and Paul White.

1. Chips & Cheese 03:29
2. Payroll 04:18
3. Payroll (Paul White's Dirty Version) 03:32
4. Deadly Wintaz 01:37
5. Chips & Cheese (Instrumental) 03:31
6. Payroll (Instrumental) 04:20
7. Payroll (Paul White's Dirty Dub) 03:32
8. Deadly Wintaz (Instrumental) 01:36

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