Kashmere x Ghost x Verb T present Invisible inc: The Exit Strategy

Having met in 2002, Ghost, Kashmere and Verb T first started recording together, then work as a unit and perform live shows up and down the UK, and numerous festivals overseas. Along the way, as individual artists, and through collaborations with each other, they all achieved wide spread recognition and released albums to critical acclaim worldwide. Ghost with ‘Seldom Seen Often Heard’ and 'My Soul Looks Like This', Kashmere with ‘In The Hour of Chaos’ and 'Raider's of the Lost Archives', Verb T with Harry Love with ‘Bring It Back To Basics’ and 'Verbs With A Vengeance', and Kashmere & Verb T’s joint album, ‘Technical Illness/Backhand Slap talk’.

The Invisible Inc sound is something fresh and innovative, it's Hip Hop but with that extra something to make them stand out. Although keeping the ethos of Hip Hop intact, they've conjured up a sound to take Hip Hop from the UK forwards and out to the masses.

This album was recorded whilst under the influence of LSD and lemsip max strength, the names have been changed to protect the innocent, this is a true story... released 26 April 2010

<a href="http://invisible-inc.co.uk/album/the-exit-strategy">Invisible intro by Invisible Inc</a>


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