Mr. Drastick
So Many Devils
M.D.M. Recordings

One of the biggest buzz words in Hip Hop over the last ten years has been “hustle”. Every rapper on Earth seems to have mastered the art of getting money. However, there are are a select few that embody the ideology of what hustling beyond drugs and crime is all about. No need to look across the pond though, because London's very own Mr. Drastick is a prime example of the self sufficiency required to survive in these turbulent times and simultaneously make great music.

Here is a man who literally sold thousands of mix tapes on the streets of London; so much in fact that the Metropolitan Police force put together a special plan to stop his cash flow. Riding off the success of his 2008 debut album, The Gladiator's Anthem, Drastick returns with the controversial So Many Devils. Featuring a mix of original songs and freestyles over other hits (e.g. Successful by Drake), Drastick has put together his most balanced release yet. Over a pulsating and pounding Jon Phonics production, Drastick lays out his manifesto on the title track declaring “I would die for a cause if I knew that its just and I don't like being forced 'cos you lose when you rush”. It really doesn't come any clearer than that. On Nothing To Lose, Drastick laments on how his struggles with monogamy contributed to the demise of previous relationship. His remorse is tangible and this joint showcases a brutal honesty and vulnerability that most rappers go to great lengths to hide. The quality control remains impregnable on No Ordinary Day where the hot weather that we seldom get in Britain inspires Drastick to rhyme about good times, fine women and living life with pure enjoyment. Its definitely a feel good moment that is sure to lift your spirits even the rain inevitably comes pouring down again.

With So Many Devils, Mr. Drastick touches on a variety of deep and meaningful topics such as religion, family and love but never lets the tone get too grim and grimy to the point where it becomes depressing. His potent mix of nimble flow, broad vocabulary along with dry humour and pessimistic sarcasm are all key ingredients in what is an exemplary mix tape which is honestly better than most albums. Let the anticipation begin for the pending volume two edition because its obvious that these devils don't stand much of a chance against Mr. Drastick. Reviewed by Christopher Mitchell

So Many Devils is available for free download here

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