Raw Stiles - Hello Lovely EP

An alumnus of the J Dilla & Madlib schools of thought, Raw Stiles explores the art of sampling with soulful, easy-listening instrumentals. Drawing upon an adolescence spent either DJing or in the studio, after working with such MC's & producers as Kill Bill, War Spawn, and Fancy Mike, the Miami native finally shares his experiments for the public's listening pleasure.

<a href="http://rawstiles.com/album/hello-lovely-ep">Ow, Girl (Hertz Donut) by Raw Stiles</a>

1.Ow, Girl (Hertz Donut) 01:57
2. The Red (Raw Stiles Remix) 02:46
3. Let It Thru 01:57
4. Daybreaker 02:49
5. Kush (Revolution Interlude) 01:36
6. For Ma Dukes (Look, Mom!) 02:51
7. Ain't I'm Clean? 01:57
8. Just For Two 01:30
9. Say Goodbye 01:10
10. Delhi Kut (Bonus) 01:31

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