Beats+Crates Radio: The Prescription (Madlib) mixed by GroWeyez

Episode 003: The Prescription

J1 aka THE DEER introduces us to an up and coming DJ to the L.A. music scene by the name of GroWeyez. I first met GroWeyez a while back after his DJ set at So Ruff / So Tuff (Carbon), and quickly became a fan. He is all around town, and spins everything from Hip Hop to Funk. This Episode of Beats+Crates Radio GroWeyez mixed tracks by Madlib to give us The Prescription. From Quasimoto to Yesterday’s New Quintet, GroWeyez takes us on a dope journey through his Madlib collection. -


1. Young Guns – Guilty Simpson (feat. J Dilla) [Medicine Show Vol. 1]
2. Revelations – Mos Def [The Ecstatic]
3. Needle in The Haystack – Roscoe & Guilty Simpson [In Search of Stoney Jackson]
4. The Electric Zone (Plugged In) – Beat Konducta [Vol. 6: Dil Withers Suite]
5. Chopstyle – Beat Konducta [Vol. 2: Movie Scenes, the Sequel]
6. The Light – Dudley Perkins [A Lil Light]
7. Monkey Suit – Madvillain [Chrome Children]
8. Real Thang (GroWeyez “Special” Mix) – Erykah Badu
9. My People – Erykah Badu
10. Outro – Strong Arm Steady [In Search of Stoney Jackson]
11. Soul Music – Res (feat. Talib Kweli) – [Liberation]
12. Soon Find Out – MED [Push Comes to Shove]
13. Misled – Dudley Perkins [Expressions (2012 a.u.)]
14. Telegram – Strong Arm Steady [In Search of Stoney Jackson]
15. Absolutely – DOOM [Born Like This]
16. Survival Test – Jaylib [Champion Sound]
17. Hardcore Hustle – MED [Madvillainy]
18. Lifetime (Lifeline) – Beat Konducta [Vol. 6: Dil Withers Suite]
19. $100 Bills – MED [Push Comes to Shove]
20. Microphone Mathematics – Quasimoto [The Unseen]
21. Get it Together (Madlib Remix) – J-88 [Best Kept Secret]
22. Funshine – Yesterday’s New Quintet [Uno Esta EP]

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