Just Blaze & Alchemist interview with HHC (Part 2)

Sumit says,

In the second part of my interview with Just Blaze & Alchemist, I ask the duo on who passed on their beats. Just Blaze said Bleek passed on "Oh Boy", Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Jay-Z passed on "Pump It Up" but what I didn't know what "Girls, Girls, Girls" was originally for Ghostface. Flipside was originally Oschino and Freeway. Alchemist tells me that Rico Suave on "Feel The Vibrations" At this point Just Blaze & Alchemist school me on "uniblab". We all know the Craig Mack lyric ("Just...like...uniblab") but I never knew what uni-blab was. But its from the Jettsons. I ask the duo the first time they heard one of their beats being played on the radio. Alchemist shouts out Stretch & Bobbito, while Just remembers Mase's "Harlem World" as the first beat being used in a video. And finally I ask Just to break down the difference between Jay-Z & Eminem in the studio. It's interesting what Just says about the industry being 40% about talent and 60% people skills.

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