Mos Def Performs New Song about the Oil Spill at the Gulf Aid benefit concert

The track, "It Ain't My Fault," is a reworked version of a New Orleans cut by the same name and features updated lyrics to address how Mos feels the oil companies aren't taking responsibility for this mess. No doubt this video will drum up more attention then what the media seems to be giving this disaster at the moment...

...Let's put things into perspective

Video is from Alabama resident John Wathen as a volunteer pilot flew him over the area where the oil rig sank on May 7th. Officials have stopped guessing at the amount of oil leaking although some speculate it may be closer to 1 million gallons per day...

"One barrel of crude oil is 42 gallons [US]"

"One gallon of motor oil can contaminate one MILLION gallons of water."

"One quart of motor oil can create an oil slick two acres in size"

...recent satellite pictures from U of Miami's CSTAR Website.
The Gulf region covers approximately 600,000 square miles, measuring approximately 995 miles from east to west, 560 miles from north to south.
The Gulf of Mexico basin resembles a large pit with a broad shallow rim. Approximately 38% of Gulf waters are shallow intertidal areas. The waters of the continental shelf (<200 m) and continental slope (200-3000 m) represent 22% and 20% respectively, and abyssal areas deeper than 3,000 m comprise the final 20%. Located in the southwestern quadrant, the Sigsbee Deep is the deepest region of the Gulf of Mexico and contains depths of up to 4,384 m. Mean (average) water depth of the Gulf is ~1,615 m and the basin contains a volume of 642 trillion gallons.

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