Wait & See - Xperiment (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 1)

After moving to Colorado from San Antonio in 2000, Xperiment found a love for Hip Hop music and began to try his hand at beat making. After 9 years of hard work and self teaching, he's finally ready to take over with his unique style of beats.

I would describe Xperiment's sound as the happy medium between that classic boom-bap sound and the more synth-heavy sound that's quickly becoming the new trend. X has mastered having that atmospheric element that the new era of hip-hop has without compromising the trunk rattling drums and basslines that we all know and love Hip Hop for.

Having already worked with artists such as Sunkenstate, Curren$y, Braille, and more, Xperiment is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on! I truly believe that X is going to be one of the front runners on the production tip in the very near future!

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