Hurt Hurt Go Away - B. Lewis (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 2)

To be honest, when I first gave B. Lewis a listen his beats were either dope or didn't click with me at all. But seeing how I always re-listen to things I started to "get" his incredible sound over time. Now his Talking Chairs beat tape as a whole is plain insanity in my eyes!

Lewis is a producer from San Jose, California and 1/3 of the group Alora along with RU and Insightful. Lewis started making beats about a year and a half ago and has picked up pretty fast! With a forte in sampling dreamy doo-wop and classic jazz records and his hooks that have that "Take em to Church" feeling to them, I honestly feel that B.Lewis is one of the most unique beatsmiths I've heard in a while. For that reason I had to include him on this list.

As a heads up, Lewis' new one is dropping in a couple weeks its called Mercury Backburner.

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