Kosmos - Jaisu (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 5)

This time we head across the pond to Edinburgh, Scotland to hear Louis Den regular Jaisu. If you're like me, you were lucky enough to randomly run across Jaisu's beat tape series on Youtube. If this is your first time hearing of him you're in for a treat!

Jaisu's deft, creative chopping skills, neck breaking drums and deep warm basslines combine to give his beats a unique, captivating feel which will appeal to both boom bap purists and fans of a more modern, forward looking, sample based hip hop sound equally.

The shooter and editor of Jaisu's beat tape series, ab0181, and the founder of Louis Den, Kosyne, featured him on their production DVD magazines: BCD 1 & 2. These DVDs, along with his production work for Sha Stimuli, Marvwon, Punchline, General Steele and on his fellow Beat Fanatic member Slopfunkdust's 'Smoker's Choice' project, are great starting points while you wait for his forthcoming, highly anticipated, beat tape to be released.

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