RZA To Make Directorial Debut - The Man With The Iron Fists

RZA has recently signed a deal with Universal Pictures to make his directorial debut with film, The Man With The Iron Fists. Described as a “stylized martial arts film… with a spaghetti Western mindset and hip hop influence,” RZA and Roth hope to “reinvent the Kung Fu movie genre.”

Not only will RZA direct the film, he will also play the lead character – “a blacksmith who forges weapons for the inhabitants of a village in feudal China… who are forced to defend themselves.”

Quentin Tarantino has reportedly been shepherding the project since inception, which is said to have the “stylized period vibe present in Kill Bill.” Eli Roth will produce, and RZA will also produce the soundtrack, with shooting beginning in September in Hong Kong.

RZA x Kill Bill - Ode to O-Ren Ishii

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