Wu-Tang Music Group presents: Pollen - The Swarm Part III

Wu Music Group has released the cover art and tracklist of their latest collection of Wu-bangers Pollen: The Swarm Part III. The album features 15 new tracks from the Clan and individual members like the RZA, Ghostface Killah, Method Man and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, in addition to appearances from Wu-Affiliates like Killah Priest, Prodigal Sun, Street Life and more. Pollen: The Swarm Part III is expected to hit stores on June 22nd.

1. Roll With Killer Bees (feat. Yellow Jackets)
2. Headline (feat. Armel, 12 O’Clock, Reverend William Burke & Prodigal Sunn)
3. Assed Out (feat. Wu-Tang Clan)
4. Dirts The Boogie (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Boy Jones)
5. You Must Be Dreaming (feat. Diaz, RZA & Kinetic 9)
6. M.E.F. (feat. Method Man)
7. Smooth Sailing (feat. Trife Diesel, Solomon Childs & Ghostface Killah)
8. Get It Started (feat. Nate, King Just & YC)
9. Faced Down (feat. Streetlife & Killa Sin)
10. Testimony (feat. Killah Priest & Remedy)
11. Action (feat. Solomon Childs)
12. No Game Around Here (feat. Killer Bees)
13. Into You (feat. Reverend William Burke & The Rugged Monk)
14. Transporting (feat. JoJo Pellegrino & Remedy)
15. Flight Of The Killer Bees (feat. Reverend William Burke & Prodigal Sunn)

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