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As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, one of the biggest joys of being able to review music is to discover those gems that often go overlooked. A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of receiving the new album Prolusion Plus from the trio known as Delusionists. I had heard of them before but I had never had the pleasure of hearing their music. After listening to Prolusion Plus, I am convinced that me sleeping on them was definitely “my bad”.

The London based trio consisting of Ben Black, D.B.F. and Slim Pickens showcase a natural and organic chemistry which suggests that their camaraderie extends way beyond the beats and rhymes. On the album opener, they confidently kick in the door on Who's That making sure you know the names and respect the game. If there were any preconceptions of whether these guys could spit or not, the get dispelled with the quickness. On Digital Connects, Ben Black gets selfish and does his solo thing on the blips and bleeps of a funky Jon Phonics instrumental. He demonstrates a real creative flair when he ingeniously incorporates the names of various blogs and websites in the U.K. a la GZA on Labels. It is an impressive display of lyrical linguistics indeed.

The album pumps along nicely with cuts like the Kelakovski produced 12 Letters and Nature's Way allowing the album to remain decidedly consistent. One of the definite highlights is the jazzy and soulful The Evil where the soul is laid bare and honest introspection is brought to the forefront in a way that is very rare in today's boast and brag musical climate.

Ultimately, Prolusion Plus is a release that demands your attention. The biggest quality that Delusionists have is that they possess a knack at making joints that can get the brain moving as well as the heads and the feet. The overall sound of the album is a finely tuned mix of traditional samples and scratches but it has a 2010 spit shine which doesn't make it sound at all dated. Lastly, another element to appreciate is the fact that their musical concepts are deep but not to the point where it goes over the head. Hence there is a high chance that once you listen to this, the first time will not be the last time.

Reviewed by Christopher Mitchell


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