The Vinyl Exchange‏ @ The Silver Bullet, Finsbury Park 24th July

This one's for all you Vinyl Junkies, Crate Diggers, Producers and DJ's. If you looking to swap your records or you just looking to find a bunch of hidden gems, then get yourself down to the Vinyl Exchange at The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park on the 24th July. Courtesy of Chakra Sounds:

It’s a daytime event for people that are still into vinyl. Its called the vinyl exchange and the idea behind it is a couple djs, a couple producers and a record shop bring down a crate of records they are up for swapping and they're set up on a little table or something and people can come in with their own records they would like to swap have a chat with said dj or producer go through whats in their crates and swap records.

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