Capone -N- Noreaga - The War Report Part II (Snippets)

In stores July 13th.

Album Snippets

1. “Pain (Alchemist)
2.”Bodega Storires” Ft. The L.O.X. (Scram Jones)
3.”Dutches vs Phillies vs. Bamboo” Ft. Raekwon (Scram Jones)
4. “My Attire” (Dreddy K. Amarae)
5. “Favor For A Favor” (BT)
6. “Hood Pride” Ft. Faith Evans (Neo Da Matrix)
7. “The Reserves” Ft. Raekwon (Tha Bizness)
8. “With Me” Ft. Nas (Buckwild)
9. “Live Long Pt. 2″ (SPK)
10. “The Oath” Ft. Raekwon and Busta Rhymes (Hazardis Soundz)
11. “Brother From Another” (Kyze)
12. “Thug Planet” Ft. Imam Thug and Musaliny (T. Heathcliff)
13. “Scarface” (Araab Muzik)
14. “The Corner” Ft. Avery Storm (M3)
15. “Obituary” (Green Lantern)

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