Cyrus Malachi - The Isis Papers Review

Cyrus Malachi follows up his brilliant work on the album Orphans of Cush - White Noize with the release of "The Isis Papers", with an array of his deep, insightful and razor sharp rhyming. He has his style locked on the target at the top of the game, and with awesome features and real energy and skillful slick productions to the tracks, it rings true to the ears like the Wu Tang street tales.

Precision poetry perfectly meshed with an inspired form of flow and vocabulary brings the listener to a blend of the ever present gritty city-scape and his mythical, spiritual knowledge getting heavily dropped, bar after bar, track after track.

Cyrus Malachi - Praying Mantis (The Isis Papers)

With this free digital tape he is laying down the vibe for his upcoming album on No Cure Records; "Ancient Future" is sure to further push any boundaries the UK has laid so far. The mood of the Isis Papers sweeps through different styles in hip hop by using a selection of beats from Endemic, Beat Butcha and the always pioneering and calm Jon Phonics, to classic US beats that give range and a wholesome sense of completion to the release.

Cyrus Malachi - Hell's Gate Ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar (The Isis Papers)

As with all projects involving Cyrus and Triple Darkness it is a work of lyrical genius, and with Furious P and DJ Switch on the cuts there are world champion DJ and an all-star underground line-up. Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar strike hard alongside Cyrus in tracks that are 'the unreleased writings', god save us when they drop solo projects or if they dedicate to a concept album. In short this crew is reaching divine heights while ploughing through the London gutter life, this release is coming as a free download & LTD edition cd pressing tomorrow on Reviewed by J Bodes

The future is a dark tapestry woven in the verses of Cyrus Malachi and crew.

Further views from the Cyrus in an interview with NYC Blog, My Word Is Vinyl

Latest Suspect Packages Radio with Cyrus Malachi

Cyrus Malachi, Melanin 9, DJ Switch (world dmc champ) and Furious P (world dmc team champ) will be in store dropping mad skills at OhMyGosh Records, Nottingham July 17th. More info

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