"Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol.2 - Kaytradamus

For our second installment we have Kaytradamus, 17 year old beatsmith from Montreal, Canada. He got his start making beats on Virtual DJ when he was 14. I've personally been following Kaytradamus for at least two years so I'm very excited/happy to see him grow as an artist. He is a very creative producer and can produce just about any type of style you'd like to hear. Dude has sone nasty electro tunes uder his belt as well!

It's hard to put a finger on Kaytradamus' sound because it is so unique. It loosely reminds you of other producers but it honestly sounds like Kaytradamus is crafting a brand new sound all his own! His goal is to be one of the greatest producers in all genres of music!

Look out for his upcoming projects: "The Weather Report LP", "Spaceship" (Beat series), & "XD" (Beat Series) all to be released in the coming months.

Download - "Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol.2 - Kaytradamus

Diggin - Kaytradamus by Luigi-Bo 87

Ensoleillé - Kaytradamus by Luigi-Bo 87

Eclipse (Part I & II) - Kaytradamus by Luigi-Bo 87

Kaytradamus Myspace - www.myspace.com/kaytradamus

Kaytradamus Twitter - www.twitter.com/Kaytradamus

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