Suspect Packages '10th Anniversary' Radio Show

So here we have it, the Suspect Packages Radio Show has now been running for 10 years! Big up all the loyal listeners over this period, going back to the Itch FM days and beyond. Also a big thank you to all the artists that have made it possible to keep supplying the true sound of the UK's Hip Hop scene past and present...

This months show is split into two halves, the first half delves back into the Itch FM archives, giving you recordings straight from the original tapes of some of the very first live sessions I had on the show back in the pirate days. You'll hear freestyles from Anik & Kope, Skinnyman, Jehst, Troy Scalpels, Rodney P, Mystro & Jargon and Klashnekoff.
The second half of the show is a live freestyle cypher with Sonny Jim, Fliptrix, Salvo, Jam Baxter & Mowgli, representing the new skool. Enjoy!

August 2010 Playlist:

Part 1
01> Joker Starr - 10th Anniversary Show Intro
02> Anik & Kope - Live Session 05/11/00
03> Skinnyman - Live Session 14/01/01
04> Jehst - Live Session 25/03/01
05> Troy Scalpels - Live Session 02/09/01
06> Rodney P - Live Session 07/10/01
07> Oliver Sudden & Ill Move Sporadic - Suspect Packages Tribute
08> Mystro, Jargon & DJ Shapeshifter - Live Session 20/01/02
09> Klashnekoff - Live Session 02/06/02

Part 2
10> Sonny Jim, Fliptrix, Salvo, Jam Baxter & Mowgli - 10th Anniversary Show Cipher

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