Interview With Cyrus Malachi

Cyrus Malachi is one of the most intimidating and unapologetic street poets that you will ever meet. However, he is also one of the most intelligent, well spoken and insightful wordsmiths to come about in recent years. I had the distinct pleasure of having a chat with him about his recent mix tape, impending album and a number of other mentally stimulating topics.

You have a very unique name with Cyrus meaning "sun" in Persian and Malachi meaning "messenger" in Hebrew. Why did you choose that name and how does it relate to who you are?

Well, the sun is the sole sustainer of everything we know on earth and without it there would be no life. But there is also an inner sun of which light can be reflected through higher levels of conscious thinking and vibrations; and through living as a G. omer.O. z.D. abar

One of the things that strikes me most about your style is your broad vocabulary. How did your vocabulary develop to such a strong level?

Through reading a lot of books because I have always been fascinated with language and words. At different points in my life I have really immersed myself in literature, especially when I was locked down behind the doors; I did a lot of reading in jail.

I'll make an assumption here again regarding your vocabulary and lyrical content - you've obviously read some books in your life. What are you reading now and what book would you recommend?

Right now I’m not reading anything, but because I have digested so many books over time, the knowledge and vocab I drew from them doesn’t leave me. A good book to read though is The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

You've just dropped your mixtape "The Isis Papers" and that's not your average title. Break down the meaning briefly without giving too much away.

Isis, whose true Kemetic/Egyptian name is Aset, is the matriarch of the Egyptian mystery system. This shows my connection to those spiritual teachings. I am a writer, so paper is my canvas. It is also a very famous book written by Francis Cress Welsing.

In a game that's all for self, you shown yourself to be a team player by featuring M9 throughout your latest project instead of just one song. What is the reasoning behind that?

No one man is an island; strength in numbers is a universal principle. Also, M9 is my partner in rhyme and my favourite emcee in Britain. It’s also another way to help him with his exposure and vice versa.

6. You've hooked up with Endemic and No Cure Records for this mixtape and upcoming album. How did this relationship come about?

I first met Endemic via M9. He got me on a couple U.S. collaborations on his Terminal Illness album. From there we got talking and later the same year he approached me with the proposition of signing me to No Cure Records and helping me release my debut solo album. I have a lot of respect for Endemic as an A & R and producer. I’m very grateful for him extending his hand.

Since Endemic is based in Nottingham and you in London did you guys ever get to work together in the studio? What was that like?

The distance isn’t too bad because Nottingham is just a two hour drive away so it’s a minor. I have been in Endemic’s studio before but most of the time we connect at shows or on the web.

In an era where people like to dance instead of think, where does Cyrus Malachi fit in to this often confusing puzzle? Do you think you even fit in?

Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. But I know one thing for sure, real Hip Hop ain’t the diluted, warped, auto tune ridden, high pitched, weak shit being stuffed down our throats by the major labels and industry today. I represent the essence, skill, lyricism, respect for the art form, and above all, genuine love for this powerful music.

Tell us about your upcoming album "Ancient Future". I love the oxymoron there. What can we expect in terms of concepts, prodcuers and guest artists?

Well it’s dropping in January and it’s an epic twenty something track opus. It features M9, Kyza Smirnoff, Ruste Juxx, Kevlaar 7, Killa Sha, Darkim Be Allah and a few more. The title “Ancient Future” encapsulates everything I’m about.

Since you are a messenger, imagine you had one minute left to live and you had the world's undivided attention. What would your final message be to us?

My final message would be to wake up and realise this way of living governed by a monetary system which is long outdated and a Political sector which is no more than organised theatrics controlled by banking cartels and secret fraternities whose sole aim is to pillage the Earth and suck the people dry... needs to go!

Interview conducted by Christopher Mitchell.

If you missed out on Cyrus Malachi's recent release The Isis Papers grab it now and check here for his previous work promoted here on hypedog. Watch out for his movements and his album 'Ancient Future' dropping in the new year.

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