P.U.D.G.E - PUDGESNACKS VOL​.​2 "I Didnt know​!​!​! U Rap​?​?​?​"

<a href="http://pudge222.bandcamp.com/album/pudgesnacks-vol-2-i-didnt-know-u-rap">PUDGESNACKS VOL.2 &quot;I Didnt know!!! U Rap???&quot; by P.U.D.G.E.</a>
P.U.D.G.E just dropped 14 new tracks produced by various talented beatsmiths including DJ HouseShoes, Knxwledge, Samiyam, Teebs, Dibia$e, Ras G and more. P.U.D.G.E is offering a FREE 17 track beat tape Download & PUDGESNACKS VOL. 1 if you purchase Vol.2 from his bandcamp until 9/19 so GO GO GO, 3 releases for the price of 1!

1)DragonTongue(intro) prod. by DJ X-Man (free) 01:52
2)Dorothy Looks Crazy prod. by Dj. HouseShoes 02:46
3)Aromatic MindFµc% (ft. G.R.A.M.Z.) prod. by Knxwledge 02:26
4)Sleazy talk pt. 1 (free) 00:59
5)iS thiS whAt U wAnt(ft. CHRIS CLARKE) prod. by Samiyam 03:25
6)Sleazy Speaksings pt.2 (free) 00:57
7)EmotionTakeOver prod. by Gr8Jsn 01:56
8)Sleazy SpeakSings pt. 3 (free) 01:07
9) A.M. (Andromeda Mostly ft. SUMKID) prod. by Teebs 03:08
10)NeoPolyTan (ft. Core Rythym & Eagle Nebula) prod. by Dibia$e 03:23
11)Sleazy Speaks pt.4 (bring it back) (free) 00:57
12)BASSFåCE(ft. THA CONCLUSION) prod. By DJ.Pound 02:54
13)Sleazy Speak Sings pt. 5 (free) 00:38
14) SpaceShakers (ft. VOICE) prod. by E.Super 01:50
15)Beach Holmes (ft. VerBS) prod. By N/A 02:40
16) Sleazy SpeakSings pt.6 (free) 00:41
17)wHere DO we BElong?(So Confused) prod. by Dak 02:02
18)AnimalHouse Antibodies (ft. OMNI) prod. by Mono/Poly 05:04
19)Sleazy SpeakSings pt.7 (free) 00:33
20)SlumDawgs (ft. ALI BABA ABNORMAL & MALKOVICH) 03:05
21)Hot Beat Soup prod. by Ras G 02:22
22) Quick N' Split (ft. SLEAZY E) prod.by P.U.D.G.E. (free) 03:00

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