"Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol.6 : Jamaal Jones

Back with another "Underdog" post! This time we have Jamaal Jones also know as GarageBeats. GB is from Puyallup, Washington and has been makin beats for 2 years. Hard to believe he's gotten so dope so fast! Listening to his beats you can most definitely sense a heavy Dilla influence in his music. I asked GB to describe his sound in his own words and he had this to day:

"I'd have to say its not quite there yet but on its way to a different type of sound. right now to me its like your average good beat."

This time instead of the usual 2-3 beats we have for our posts we're presenting an exclusive EP from GB. 12 beats that come to twenty minutes of dopeness. I had a hard time picking which beats to post up as previews because they alll are bangers! Have a listen down below, download, and spread the word!

Sidenote - Shoutout to Soap-Box for the nice artwork!

Download - The GarageBeats EP by Jamaal Jones.

Get It - Jamaal Jones

Bummmpss - Jamaal Jones

Beat from stratch 4 - Jamaal Jones

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