MF Doom Live @ 02 Brixton Academy 14th October 2010 (Footage)

You missed MF Doom last night at O2 Brixton Academy didn't you. So did I... Peep and weep for not attending.

Have you heard Best Of MF Doom ?


  1. a good night but..why did doom get boo'd at the end?? loads of people were leaving early saying it was s**t..the bass was well loud though saw people holding their ears alot..

  2. the bass was too loud..but i think there was a certain part of the crowd who were out to boo, whatever the performance..herbaslier got booed at too..although they were a bit naff..those people booing were just kids..i see some of them..rucksacks on knobheads..repsect to doom for the uk visit..fuck the booers