Real T@lk & Authentik Made - "The Sitcom LP" Review

<a href="">Real T@lk + Authentik Made present: The Sitcom LP by Real T@lk</a>

I finally had a real chance to sit down and digest this amazing project by Real T@lk and Authentik Made. I can say that a lot of people won't truly appreciate this project until at least the second go-around. Once you understand the concept of the project the rhymes hit that much harder. Speaking of rhymes, rapper/poet Real T@lk is a slick and witty wordsmith with lines that are sure you have you running them back. Authentik Made is responsible for the bulk of the production on this project and also sings on a few tracks under his real name (George Jackson III).

Although both artists are from Illinois, the album has a very DMV inspired sound for the most part save for a few more mainstream sounding beats. With that said, this is a very fun and versatile experience that just about anyone can get into. I can definitely see these two achieving mainstream success while staying themselves based off of this project.

A few standout tracks for me are "The Bandwagon", "Method 2 My Madness", "L.O.V.E", and "Move On". "The Bandwagon" is an upbeat tune that's reminiscent of a Diamond District joint and more or less puts the new trend of "Copy-and-paste" rappers on blast! "Method 2 My Madness" is a hard hitting track that has Real T@lk going in and demonstrating why he shouldn't be taken lightly on the mic and that he is serious about his craft. "L.O.V.E" is a big track that showcases Authentik Made’s vocal prowess. In my honest opinion Authentik sounds just like Phonte when he sings which only adds to my beliefs that this duo could very well pick up where Little Brother left off over time. Last but not least we have the beast that is “Move On” this one is sure to get everyone’s head nodding from jump. ‘Move On”’s boom-bap drums teamed up with smooth guitar licks and straight-forward bass line make it very hard to not love this track. Authentik’s (who goes by his real name for the feature) vocals and Re@l Talk’s vocals are the icing on the cake for this perfect tune.

All in all, this album is a very creative project that has no dull moments in my opinion. Lots of great songs and beats along with some absolutely hilarious skits keep you listening the whole way through. Word on the street is that Real T@lk and Authentik are also working on solo projects so hopefully those come sooner than later. Check out the album and spread the word on this breath of fresh air in form of an album.

**Too long, didn’t read version - The album is dope, but you won’t fully appreciate it until you hit the 2nd go around and get the concept better most likely. These guys could possibly carry on where Little Brother left off. Definitely worth a listen!

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