Afta-1 "H(eye) Land " EP

Over the past few months, the desire and calling to create constantly has been at the forefront of my heart and mind. The Idea that through L O V E we have everything within us to create anything we can visualize, has become an unquestioned reality for me, and with that has come the inevitable test. Early morning last Wednesday, 10/19/10, I asked myself the question, “I wonder if I can create an album in a week?” Immediately after thinking it, I knew I couldn’t leave it rhetorical, and if I replied to myself with the only possible correct answer, I knew it meant, “do it now!”

and so the journey began…

To try and put my experience while creating this EP into words is a bit of a challenge, as these past 7 days have been a lesson in feeling, creating and receiving vibrations. However, to say the least, it was blessed, enlightened and rewarding, and in regards to my desire to create constantly? Accomplished. Not only musically, visually, or even physically for that matter, but through connection with friends and like minds, through sharing ideas, meals, spaces, energies… I was reminded that to create constantly, is to be present – we must choose to align ourselves with the positive creative vibrations already happening constantly in our universe, thus enabling us to create in any way, by simply living and conducting a vibration of Love guided intentions..

The day following the completion of H(eye)LAND, this truth was confirmed to me in the form of a lime…

As friends and I stood in Highland Park Ca. in the front garden of one of the most beautiful, vibe heavy homes I have had the privilege to experience, we noticed a citrus tree branch peeking from the side of the house. Not sure what kind of citrus it was, I decided to go and examine it a bit closer. Confirmed it was a lime as I approached, reached for the first lime I saw, and as I pulled it towards me, I noticed it bore a symbol…

A perfect spiral with what seemed to be resin or residue from the tree. While many other limes also had traces of the same residue, none formed a shape besides this one. I immediately took it from the tree, went inside, silently expressed gratitude and set it on an altar the ladies of the house arranged beautifully above the fire place. I couldn’t explain the who or what, and didn’t want to – All I knew is that vibrationally it was meant for all of us to see and share together in that moment. Especially following the abundance of positively aligned experiences we all had the week leading up to that climax…We were blessed

And on that vibe, I am very grateful to be able to share this life translation with you. May these sounds provide L O V E, healing, and inspiration to your life.

~Love Is Real~


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