"Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol.10 - Professa

Thought I'd get this out of the way before Turkey Day so you guys get this one early. This time we have Hypedog favorite, Professa. Professa has been making beats since he was 13 but decided to get serious about it around two years ago. Some of Professa's influences are: Dilla, Flylo, Dorian Concept, The Neptune etc. His sound is a fusion of dirty south, classic hip-hop, electronic hip-hop, and experimental. Professa's album FUTURE is coming out 12/31/10 and is really important to him because his next tape won't be out until after August due to his new found military duties. Re - Professa by Luigi-Bo 87 Part Deux

The Healing - Professa (Hypedog's Underdogs Vol.10) by Luigi-Bo 87 Part Deux

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